Meet our Executive Chef

Meet our

Executive Chef

A chef is the unspoken leader of a restaurant. They hold its fate in their hands. A new dish can create success overnight. A unique cooking technique can set a restaurant apart from its competition. A chef is the backbone of any restaurant, no matter the type of cuisine, size or location.

Our chef: Adrian Rojas



The mastermind behind our sushi bar who is pushing the boundaries of traditional sushi with fusion dishes, what make Miyako’s so unique and phenomenal. He brings nearly 20 years of sushi experience to our kitchen staff. His experience in modern sushi bars and his life abroad in Peru, Europe and North America, helped him to create a sophisticated cuisine philosophy of flavorsome modern Japanese dishes, blend with Caribbean flavors. We know how precious and rare talent Chef Adrian’s is here at Miyako. Through his inspiration, teachings and training, it’s almost as if he is physically involved with every sushi preparation, main dish presentation and dining experience. We know that each member of our staff has a hand in our achievements but Chef Adrian has helped lead everyone to success. He is always striving for more, and that is why our sushi and other dishes are some of the best you will ever try. We are proud to have Chef Adrian on our side and hope that you visit us soon to enjoy some of his delicious work.